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LIRFC Player Resources

"Better people make better All Blacks." Legacy -Kerr

The tools, links, and recommendations on this page are utilized to holistically develop the individual and therefore the entire LIRFC Family.

Our team Culture is based on the following three pillars:

Character Based Leadership - Rugby Knowledge - Physical Fitness / Health

Character Based Leadership
Legacy outlines the rebirth of an entire team culture based on steps the NZ All Blacks took to formulate the success they are today. Applicable to any organization or team.
This book is LIRFC's book of the year and required reading for 2017.
The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything, starts with a focus on the self and ripples outward to show how integrity, reliability, and TRUST are skills that can be practiced, and yield unbelievable results in all things both relational and economic.
Can also be found on the Spotify App
Fitness & Diet
Rugby Strength and Conditioning Plan:
Rugby Knowledge
Ruck Science Player Position Handbook
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